CyberGhost Premium VPN Coupon Code 50% Off Discount

The best VPN software from CyberGhost now with 50% off discount. The price for annual subscriptions the Cyberghost VPN is $54.99. It great deals instead of $109.99. Use the CyberGhost VPN coupon code to obtain best deals on the promo. There is two type of subscriptions for CyberGhost; annual and monthly. The discount is available for CyberGhost VPN Premium and Premium plus.


CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN is best tools for your online activity protections.  The software allows you to break GEO restrictions and also allow to online anonymously on the internet. There is two version the VPN software. The CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN and Premium VPN. But the premium plus provides better features than the standard edition. As mentioned above, the both version offers with 50% off discount on our list. Use the CyberGhost Premium VPN coupon code while purchasing the software. The coupon code is valid for annual subscriptions only.

CyberGhost Premium VPN Coupon Code with 50% Discount

Seem previous CyberGhost VPN coupon code “FBX-V99-NHB” with 70% off discount has expired. The alternative VPN coupon code is “7LJ-538-TSP” with 50% off discount. The vendor does not mention how long the coupon active. You can purchase the VPN software from the following link.

Buy link for CyberGhost Premium VPN License
CyberGhost coupon to earn 70% off discount. Now $2.91 per month instead of $5.83: Buy now!

To get the discount click the buy link above. Then select the number subscriptions that suitable with your need. You will be redirected to checkout page after selecting the subscriptions.


The deals link above with promo code embedded. CyberGhost usually changes the discount from time to time. You can get best deals now before it over.

CyberGhost Premium VPN Key Features

  • Surf on internet without restrictions. Allow you to surf anonymously and prevent geo restriction when opening a website. No setup fees, no waiting times to use the VPN software.
  • Unlimited traffic volume and bandwidth. The features available on both version VPN version.
  • High speed, one-click connection.
  • Live server status information inside the client. Allow you to view the server status on the server overview.
  • Full access to free and premium servers. Display the active servers, total users, and live bandwidth for all active servers. So, you can select the server directly from the VPN software to get best speeds.
  • Additional protection for mobile devices (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec).
  • Anti-fingerprinting system and content filter. Useful protection for your browser when connects to the internet. Also, allow you to changes the browser’s details.
  • Free premium support directly from CyberGhost team. Also, you can use integrated a bug-report function inside the program to get fast support.

CyberGhost VPN is one of the best internet protection. The VPN software is design to secure your network and encrypt your connections. The software suitable for users who requires protection and privacy when connecting to the internet. Latest version the VPN software is CyberGhost 6. The new version features with more simple GUI design.

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