Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Coupon Code 20%-40% Discount

Best complete deals for new version Paragon Hard Disk Manager. All of  version Hard Disk Manager come bid discount. Earn up to 40% discount on family license and 20% off for 1 PC license. The software now also available for Mac OS X. Using the Paragon Hard Disk Manager coupon code on this page, you can get the cheapest price for this complete hard disk tool.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager also called HDM is a complete suite for managing data and hard disk. HDM also called all-in-one Paragon software. The application contains many tools to manage hard disk and its data. Using the software you can manage disk partition, backup or copy data, migrating the system and more. The latest version this software is Hard Disk Manager 15 that comes with better engine and new GUI. The interface now look elegant and easy to learn even by a novice. Starting price the software is $49.95 for 1 PCs. Whereas the HDM for Mac priced $39.95. You can get best deals using Paragon Hard Disk Manager coupon code on this post. Get up to up to 40% discount at checkout.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Coupon for PC

There two HDM version for Windows; suite and pro. Also there two licenses type for this software; 1PC and family version. Coupon code on this offer is “E86-VA8-CP7“. Another coupon code is “WVQ-ADL-GPN” with 30% discount.

A. Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro Coupons and Best Price

You can get up to 40% discount on HDM pro family (3 PCs) version. Whereas for 1 PC license you can earn 20% discount using the coupon above. Redeem the offer on following links.

Buy link for Hard Disk Manager Pro 1 PC license (the best)
The popular version now prices $79.96 only. Get best deals here: Click here to buy!

Buy link for Hard Disk Manager Pro 15 family license (3 PCs)
Buy the software for $143.96 only instead of $179.95: Click here to buy!

Promo price for 3 PCs license is $179.95. Earn $36 discount on family license. Actually, normal price the software is $299.85. Get money saving up-to $120 on the offer. Per license is cheaper than 1 PC version.

B. Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite Version 15 Promo Code

The promo code above is also valid for the suite editions. Using the same Paragon Hard Disk Manager coupon code above, you can earn 20% discount on the suite version. You can redeem the offer on following links.

Buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite (1PC license)
Discounted price the software $39.96. Best deals instead $49.95: Buy now!

Buy link for Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite (family)
On our list the software priced $63.96 using the Paragon coupon code: Buy now!

Using one of the coupon code above get big discount for purchasing the full license of the software. Get money saving $15.99 on the family license and manage up to 3 PCs in one household. Regular price $79.95 for family license and $49.95 for 1PC license.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Discount for Mac OS X

And now this software also comes to Mac. The software offer complete solution to manage Mac OS X hard disk. You can also get 20% discount on this Mac software.

Buy link for Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac
Buy the software for $31.96 only instead of $39.95: Click here to buy!

Like the PC version, the Mac offer also a short time promo. You must redeem the offer before it ends.

Which is The Best HDM Version for Windows

The Pro features is better but it more expensive than the suite version. The pro version support Hyper-V and sector-level backup. It also support virtual machine and wipe algorithm also better than suite version. One of the important features is BitLocker support. You can also get better support via web, email or phone.

Buy the HDM pro if you need complete hard disk tool. But if you doesn’t need the important features above, the suite version is your best choice. It suitable for home user.

Before decide to buy, you can get free 30 days trial for the both hard disk management software. And use our promo list to buy before the offer expires. Visit the official website at to download trial version the software. Installer size +- 79 MB for suite version and 100 MB for professional editions.

For Mac OS X version you can also get free trial but for 10 days only. The installer size the software is about 14MB

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Key Features

  • Backup & Restore tools. Allow you to to back data and save them locally or on the online storage. For online storage solution, you can use cloud drive such as ZOOLZ. The software also avaialble with discount.
  • Copy & Virtualization. Using the features user can migrate, create virtualization or copy the hard disk.
  • Migration tools. Useful features when upgrading a computer hard disk. The latest version now fully support  SSD. You can migrate data or system to/from HDDs, SSDs and virtual machines. Unfortunately, the suite version does not features with migration to or from virtual machine.
  • Powerful partition management with all file type hard disk supported. The software provides complete tools you need to manage hard disk  partition. You can create partition, split, delete, merge, and resize partition using the software.
  • Professional set for hard disk performance optimization. Make computer hard disk work at best performance.
  • Boot management and bootable recovery. Bootable recovery can solve problem if your computer does not boot. To solve the problem create recovery environment on USD drive or discs.
  • Empowered data safety and disaster recovery software.
  • Connect VD in Linux.
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.
  • Full spectrum of virtual and physical migration operations.
  • New User-friendly Interface. The software now come with new elegant interface that easier to learn.
  • New Agentless MS Hyper-V Backup.
  • New Secure data wiping – even on SSDs.
  • The Mac OS X version provides easy way to disable system integrity protection in Mac OS X El Capitan.

Paragons Hard Disk Manager 15 Pro and Suite is all-in-one hard disk optimization and management. The software provides easy solution for data backup and system migration. Data protection, hard disk optimization, and repair is other tools on the software.

System Requirement

The paragon software supports on Windows 2K and up to latest version of Windows OS. It means the software also support on Windows 10. Whereas the Mac OS X version works on OS X 10.12 Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite and Mavericks.

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